Do I have to declare my prize/prizes to the Commission prior to receiving approval for my Prize Promotion Competition?

Yes you do.A specific description of the prize/s must be given along with evidence of its existence for this purpose.The following information is required in relation to the corresponding prizes, along with any other information deemed necessary;

  • Appliances – the brand, size and model number.
  • Motor Vehicles – the year, make, model and type must be stated.
  • Weekend at a Hotel – the duration, number of persons to be accommodated, type, who should bear taxes or fees that may accrue and any blackout days.
  • Trips Abroad – the duration, carrier, type of ticket, entity responsible for payment of taxes and fees, accommodation, whether prize is transferable, disclaimer in relation to travel documents where spending money is applicable, the amount and currency should be declared.  In relation to weekend at hotel and trips abroad, any blackout dates must be stated.

In the event that a prize is no longer available as specified in the promotional materials, a prize of an equal or higher value but similar in nature should be given to the winner.